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At the beginning of the new century, Cesars Secrets, with the semicircular shape on both sides, the so-called Kanu, the economy version of the boomerang, created a WORLD FIRST.
(Art. No. 1800 to 1808, available in Slim and Normal)

Now, up to half, the Kanu "straight" side bars integrated, and the seamless transition to the Kanu, the so-called Flipper, fluent and without interruption in the workflow to save time to use.
🔴 And now to the surprise: now there are the Kanu for the real man.
With the Art. No. 2035 (4mm) in noble black 180/180 and
with Art. No. 2036 (2mm) in white 240/240, but in the „slim“ version for even better results.

Origin and tradition are values where few people can match.
Once again, Cesars product and research division has managed to stay ahead of the pack:
with this pronounced intelligent cult product. Between sunrise and sunset there are a thousand ways to make a person happy, that is our job and our goal.

This cult product is the perfect combination, a marriage between Kanu and Flipper.
Here are the features of this professional multifunctional file:
✔ the quick helper for all problems
✔ especially when working with the left hand on the right hand
✔ the cuticles are removed from the toes
✔ and with a single turn the Free Edge End can file the free edge end straight.
✔ For HIM as well as for SHE.
✔ The paper: carefully selected. From professionals - for professionals.
✔ Durability: Infinite.
✔ The ideal gift for male family members, work colleagues, friends, invitations ... because they are not available for "normal" people.

Because it is very amazing what this "jack of all trades" can do:
Manicure, pedicure, and it is the 1st left-handed file in the world.
Try it! You will be astonished.

With these talents, this file is part of every Nail Design worktable, in every handbag, in every household, in every office table, in every bathroom, in every glove box.

A product has to arouse emotions. And because men are a very special species.
Here are the characteristics of the eagle that go along with the characteristics of a man.
Please note the heart between the legs.

♕ Eagles are too busy to pay attention to what their neighbors are doing.
♕ They love their lives completely and without restriction.
♕ They feel comfortable, no matter what they do.
♕ They are too enthusiastic about life, so they never complain.
♕ Whether it rains or the sun is shining, every kind of weather has its own charm.
♕ You enjoy life to the fullest.
♕ They also have no feelings of guilt, they are very rarely.
♕ You can hardly disturb her.
♕ What drives other people to frenzy barely touches an eagle.
♕ They do not care either.
♕ They live neither in the past nor in the future, but in the now.
♕ They are also not dependent on the judgment of others.
♕ Independence is important to them at all and that is why they also promote the independence of others.
♕ They sincerely love their family but still promote the independence of each family member.
♕ You are free of all expectations.
♕ They give everyone the right to decide freely.
♕ Just as they allow other people to be independent, so they claim that for themselves.
♕ Sometimes other people feel offended by them.
♕ Because sometimes they like to be alone and expect their privacy to be respected.
♕ They also do not accept that someone else needs them.
♕ That's why it's hard for weak people to be with an eagle, to love and to understand.
♕ For an eagle wants the people he loves to be independent and independent in their decisions.
♕ He wants them to live their own lives.
♕ Even at the moment when someone wants to lean too much on an eagle, he will experience how the eagle moves away.
♕ Dependencies do not allow them.
♕ Her inner strength and inner concentration, as well as her inner voice often makes her independent of other views.
♕ They are well-off worried about whether others approve of their actions and words.
♕ When an eagle is criticized, it does not respond to kinking and is not devastated.
♕ Basically, they know that they can never do justice to all people.
♕ They do not feel that their attitude to life and their own intuition of things, with that of other men


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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 November, 2017.
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